Whoever needs a Santana Lopez. I’m available.

OOC Information:

Age: 17
8, depending on group really.
Activity Level:
8, depending on group really.

IC Information:

Character Name:Santana Lopez
Age:depending on what the group want

RP GROUP: Twin, canon, crossover, rewind, redue, (I don’t do suicide and death)

Ships: Santana/Female, Santana/Chemistry, Fabpezberry, Quinntana, Pezberry, Brittana

Antiships: Santana/Forced, Finntana, Kurtana, Blaintana Jesse St./Santana

Bio: Depending on what the group wants, I can make an instant bio.
So, I have been rping for like a year now and this rp account was my first so please don’t judge my role playing with this. I haven’t thought about this for awhile but most of my group are inactive and role playing for me is like my life.I like playing Santana anyway, any character, badass, romantic, dork, whatever, Role playing Santana is like air for me so if anyone needs a Santana in there rp, just gimme a call. And I hope you don’t mind anything that happened in this rp cause I really don’t wanna delete it but I wanna use it as well. I’m not into formal rp’s but who ever just wants me, message me please. I played Santana in more than 10 or more rp’s now so I’m not saying I’m that good or an expert but I’ saying I really do love playing Santana Lope, it’s fun and exciting and it relaxes me If you want a para sample, a real and well nicer para sample just message me. You are my master’s people.


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An RPer’s biggest enemy: Timezones.

ooc: literally my life. literally.

ooc: baaabyyyy let me hold you krgjnkfjg *sobs* T______T



An RPer’s biggest enemy: Timezones.

ooc: literally my life. literally.

ooc: baaabyyyy let me hold you krgjnkfjg *sobs* T______T

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Anonymous sent: Why did you take a break and why did Ally leave? I loved the Sally interactions! :'(

ooc: Yeah, I love the ally interaction too that’s why I left cause she just left after we had that nice chemistry. I actually don’t know. Don’t worry. I’ll be back if this RP would be very active. I was just tired already. I’m sorry but hey I play Santana in 4 different RP’s. So you know if you like you could follow me hereherehere. I’m really sorry for just leaving. I promise to be back.


a have to take a break. sorry. :(((

The Cookie Monster: A Quiet Evening || Sally


She closed her eys as she felt Ally hands on her cheek. She doesn’t know why but she liked how Ally’s hand felt on her face. If it were somebody else she would have swatted their hands right away because the only person that could hold her like that was- Wait! No. Stop….

Santana’s eyes widen when Ally mentioned her bumping on something, she was still freaking scared about this bike thing. She just agreed on this to keep her mind of the main problem. ” I don’t want that. So, no biking until my eyes are clear white. Got it.” She sighed contently at the embrace. She just nodded on the questions that Ally was throwing her. She wasn’t alright, hell she was far from alright but she just can’t admit that. Santana thought about Ally’s offer in drinking “Let me think about that Mrs. Carson. I wantz my drink onz.” saying in her ghetto voice. 

Santana looked down when she notice Ally was starring at her. She knows how vulnerable she is right now, she never let’s anyone in when she is in this state, she hates people seeing her weak but she needed someone and she’s tired of pretending, pretending to be someone she’s not, pretending she’s strong and unbreakable so she just let her walls down and let this mysterious yet sweet girl tear it down. ” Don’t worry. You’d be the first to know. So… you miss home?”

Just friends || Brittana

Santana: She was  not sure what she is doing. Yesterday, she just spent whole night crying over they’re break up and now she going to breadstix with the person that caused it. This move was bold and crazy but she didn’t cared. She never cared. All she knows is that she wasn’t to spend time with her bestfriend/ex-girlfriend. It hurts to say it out loud but they were more than okay when they were still friends even though they fooled around a bit. Santana got her jacket and headed to her car. ” Gonna go with B mom, be back soon. Love you” she shouted and started her engine. ” Here we go.” and she gripped the wheel harder than intended.

Text || Brittana

San: Eating breadsticks with my bestfriend. Why would I not want that? :)
Britt: That's right.. You want to pick me up?
San: Sure. Be there in a minute. You're treat right? :)
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